Enhance a Room with a Suede Effect Paint Feature Wall by Painter Alice Springs

A feature wall created with suede effect paint can really make a room stand out. It adds a touch of elegance that a simple, solid coat of paint just can't achieve. 

If you'd love to introduce the Old World look of Mediterranean decorating to your study, bathroom, or living room, or bring the rustic, country feel of Tuscan decor to your kitchen, bedroom, or dining space, a brushed suede wall can help make your vision come to life.

In fact, suede effect painting makes for a beautiful feature for ANY interior wall.

Painter Alice Springs has been brushing effects on feature walls across the NT for over 43 years. We also provide professional advice for taking your creativity from an idea to reality with paint.

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Suede Effect Paint Technique Colour Samples

Black Suede Effect Paint Sample
Blue Suede Effect Paint Sample
Pink Suede Effect Paint Sample
Grey Suede Effect Paint Sample
Green Suede Effect Paint Sample
Gold Suede Effect Paint Sample

NOTE: This effect can be achieved with almost any colour you envision for your room.

Tips for Feature Walls Designed with Suede Effect Paint Techniques

  1. The suede effect is best used to add a POP or WOW factor when you walk into any room. Choose to add the effect to one wall in a room rather than to every wall.

  2. Good lighting on your feature wall is very important. It will enhance and showcase the effects you have added. 

  3. Colour choices contribute to the overall look you are trying to achieve. Be sure to ask for advice if you're not sure what colour to choose.

  4. Different application and brush techniques will create different effects. If in doubt, ask for a sample from your painter before work begins. 

Painter Alice Springs is committed to delivering results that meet the customer expectations of a master painter.

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Ideas for a Suede Effect Feature Wall

  • A western themed child's bedroom wall
  • An Old World study wall
  • A rustic country kitchen wall
  • A romantic, earthy diningroom wall
  • A Tuscan garden inspired guest room wall
  • A luxurious, contemporary livingroom wall
  • A Grecian style bathroom wall
  • An industrial style game room or man cave wall
  • Your room and wall ideas 

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